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Pilot Fleet Autonomous system

Automated Data Collection, Analysis and reporting for CDMA, GSM, GPRS and 3G systems

As wireless systems have matured, much of the drive testing and associated troubleshooting tasks have become more standardized. With this in mind, it is much more productive to replace the manual effort of sending out engineering teams, with an automated system.

Collection of data with a manual drive test tool is expensive requiring the full time use of a skilled RF engineer, a driver and a dedicated vehicle. Automating the process dramatically reduces this cost and it speeds up the availability of the data for analysis. In parallel, the incorporation of modern automatic functions into post processing software permits routine tasks to be handled faster and automatically resulting in a more efficient and lower cost operation. Today, most wireless customers use manual drive test solutions for a variety of purposes including collection of data, optimizing new and expanding networks, troubleshooting problems, creating and sending management reports and benchmarking their own performance against that of their competitors.

When changing from a manual to an autonomous model, most of these functions will now be automated. Fleet provides data collection Remote Control Units (RCUs) and are placed in free roaming fleet vehicles (i.e. taxis, buses, delivery vehicles, etc.), and remotely programmed to collect data as they move around the network. In important or busy locations RCUs are permanently positioned in fixed sites. Data is collected in all units and transmitted automatically over the same network (or a different one if required) to a central database. If required data can be stored and manually transferred from an RCU by direct connection to a laptop. This new model of autonomous drive test allows for increased hours of testing, resulting in more data collected, more problems isolated, better quality reports while the skilled RF Engineer’s time is freed for higher level and more productive tasks.
Automated Drive Test Fleet
RCUs can be fitted with multiple channels (the base platform will support ten!) This allows several networks to be tested and/or benchmarked using only one RCU per location. Each channel can be programmed easily and remotely to perform a customized regime of voice or data calls to enable testing of all system functions.
Key Features of PILOT FLEET

Performance comparison of multiple networks and technologies (supports GSM/GPRS/CDMA IS95A/B, 1XRTT, 1XEV/DO and 3G W-CDMA). Records all parameters and messages of test data with GPS information including layer 3 messages.

Robust test modules, operating to normal handset standards, are used to replace traditional unreliable and fragile phones. This ensures RCUs can run extreme conditions without interruptions caused by faulty hardware.
The system has scaleable architecture allowing growth without compromising performance, through the use of TCP/IP and Server/Clients technologies.
A dedicated channel is used to upload the data to the database, ensuring the fastest transfer with no interruption in data collection. The customer can chose the transmission network and standard from CDMA, WCDMA, GSM or GPRS.
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