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Technical Resourses
 Mobile Telecom International
MTI Ltd. specialise in the measurement and analysis of RF interfaces and associated propagation characteristics, including interference analysis and identification, and we offer a wide range of products and technical consultancy dedicated to this exacting field. We can provide a turn-key package of solutions to cover planning, network roll-out and optimisation, quality of service (QoS) testing and Interference management, both adjacent and co-channel, over a very wide range of radio technologies, including GSM, GSM-R, WCDMA, CDMA, TETRA and PMR technologies
Products, Services and Solutions for Wireless Networks
RF and Baseband Channel Emulation
RF and Baseband Channel Emulation
For RF and IF Cellular, Radio and Broadband applications, including MIMO
Wireless Broadband
Wireless (WiFi/WLAN, WiMAX and Mesh) Broadband Planning tools. Products and services
Autonomous and Automated Test systems
Autonomous and Automated Test systems
For GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, CDMA 2000 and EVDO. Simultaneous and fully synchronised Voice, Data and general optimisation measurements