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Pilot Pioneer is an advanced software package for the optimization of 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks, developed by Dingli Communications Inc. It is the complete solution for the performance analysis and diagnosis of 3G WCDMA and GSM/GPRS networks, including drive test data collection, post data processing, replay, and comprehensive post processing. No other tool is required to comprehensively analyse your air interface data

Customer Benefits
Improved network capacity
Reduce the number of failed calls
Improve network quality for data and voice
Record un-expected network events
Study the effects of changes in the environment
Key features
All-in-one package for voice/data call tests, data collection, variable speed replay post processing capability including fault finding by step by step visualization, search for user defined events or layer 3 drill down, and multiple log file statistical analysis and report generation
Real-time map display of position, active serving base station, neighboring sites, pre-programmed and customer defined events, and coloured attributes.
Synchronization between displaying windows during analysis and data replay.
Support of multiple map data formats. Scan drawings, with pin point positioning, are supported for indoor testing.
Support data filtering and merging functions
Automatically generates statistically sound reports for further analysis.
WCDMA Scanner supports RSSI scans, Spectrum Analyzer mode, and CPICH scans
Simple to use MMI for ease of use and reduce training time
User accessible database for users who wish to post process alongside core network data
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