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MTI Ltd. specialise in the measurement and analysis of RF interfaces and associated propagation characteristics, including interference analysis and identification, and we offer a wide range of products and technical consultancy dedicated to this exacting field. We can provide a turn-key package of solutions to cover planning, network roll-out and optimisation, quality of service (QoS) testing and Interference management, both adjacent and co-channel, over a very wide range of radio technologies, including GSM, GSM-R, WCDMA, CDMA, TETRA and PMR technologies.
As a solutions provider who focus on the wireless market, and in particular, its more unique and challenging requirements, MTI remains at the forefront of technology advances allowing the company to become very familiar with the uncertainty a wireless connection and the efficiencies or inadequacies it can often present. "Hostile" radio environments are where MTI excel, with in-depth experience and knowledge which has enabled it to develop a complete range of solutions to assist operators of radio systems to achieve the best from their networks while attaining and sustaining the confidence and loyalty of their users. Hostile environments may include:

Dense Urban Areas

Railway Networks

Underground Systems



Shopping Complexes

Areas of high co-channel interference

Many of the above require dedicated coverage which may often seem simple to accomplish, however the effects that the system changes employed have on the overall quality and performance of the network should not be underestimated. In some respects such systems are individual systems within a larger shared network and therefore the planning of these portions of the network should not be neglected. MTI specialise in providing solutions for monitoring efficient coverage and capacity in such surroundings and highlighting where problems exist and their likely causes.

MTI continues to develop its portfolio of high quality, flexible products specifically to plan,, test, monitor, and measure radio systems and the diverse environments in which they operate. Further details on some of the products is available through this web site, all of which have the flexibility for a degree of customisation around client specific requirements. We would consequently welcome the opportunity to discuss any particular needs you may have directly with you.

MTI look forward to the possibility of providing you with product or working together with you on your wireless system. We are keen to help you in any way we can, therefore, if you require any further information or have any questions about how MTI can help, please do not hesitate to contact us.