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Mobile Telecom International Ltd. Offers a range of technical services designed to supplement the supply and use of the tools it provides to wireless industries. MTI believe that the one of the keys to providing high quality wireless communications lies in the supply of knowledge and experience through the expert provision of engineering services, advice and know how in conjunction with the appropriate products and tools.

MTI is an independent company well acquainted with the measurement, dimensioning and implementation of any radio system and is suitably positioned to provide direct assistance to our clients operations in the form of technical services. This expertise stretches across a number of wireless technologies and standards and covers all types of network configuration and demands. MTI engineering teams are well-versed in the increasing challenges that modern wireless networks present, particularly the constraints introduced by multi-layer and in-building systems.

MTI offer a number of services, all of which have the flexibility to be customised or combined to meet a clients particular need where appropriate. MTI utilises its teams of experienced staff and specialist equipment to assess the RF performance of wireless networks the world over.

RF Network CW measurements
Measurement of the RF performance of a wireless network is essential to provide accurate measurement information for use in the verification of propagation models, evaluating predicted coverage, confirming actual coverage performance and assessing interference. CW testing plays a necessary part in both the pre and post launch stage of a radio transmitter or network.

RF measurement is not restricted to wide area studies but also includes Tunnelling, campus and indoor measurements or “walk testing”, in fact any environment where RF propagation is difficult or suffers from multipath effects and these are the areas in which MTI Ltd. specialise. We can design testing regimes, perform measurements and product analysis and network design advice based upon the outcomes of such work.

Wireless Broadband Planning
MTI has long experience in the use of the market leading EDX SignalPro planning suite and have helped some of the major Wifi and WiMax network operators and deployment companies plan, deploy an optimise their networks. Covering pre-bid site plans and coverage predictions to automatic frequency planning, data throughputs and CPE assignments, our suite of tools and expertise can be deployed to assist in the development and implementation of your wireless network. We have expertise in access and backhaul layer planning, MESH networks and microwave technologies as well as broadband access technologies.

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